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How do we roll?...

Sound volume
We mostly play as a background band, so it is very important for us that our music is not too loud or intrusive. That is why we always carry additional material to bring down the volume: sourdines for the horn(s), brushes for the drums, etc. This way everybody gets to chat easily, even in smaller spaces.

Most of the time we play acoustically, without extra amplifiers. If we do play for a bigger audience 
(> 200 persons), we can provide a sound system. This also means the band can move around less easily, but for some events this could be a good option.

We play with 4, 5 or 6 musicians, depending on the size of the venue, our function (background music or more in the foreground) and the budget. Personally we prefer performing in quartet (combined with four-part singing).

We are a collective of about 20 musicians, all of whom are full members of the band and have the same standards concerning outfit, mastry of the repertoire, etc. That explains why you might see new faces now and then at our concerts.

The most common instruments are trumpet (+ lead singing) - banjo - double bass and snaredrum. In some particular situations we replace the double bass by tuba (for example when we are asked to march while playing). The leading horn is most often trumpet, but can also be clarinet or saxophone (in the quintet or sextet formation we add clarinet, saxophone and/or trombone).

Style and repertoire
Our style is situated between traditional dixieland and early swing ("almost swinging"), and could be defined as dixieswing, which we combine with four-part barbershop singing! Our repertoire  consists of accessible and cheerful feel-good jazz from the years '20-'40, but on request we could bring also contemporary intellectual jazz in a boring black costume.

We wear black costume trousers with black shoes, a white shirt with a black tie and red jackets with typical dixieland hats. If contemporary jazz is requested, we will play in a black costume
. On our photo page you will find some examples.

Most often we play background music at reception parties, but it occurs (more and more often) that we bring some intermezzos during wedding ceremonies (for example at the beginning of the ceremony, a special moment in between,...) These are mostly weddings that take place at an alternative location. Our concept might be less suited for church ceremonies.

Our prices vary depending on the number of musicians, the location (transport) and the duration of the concert. Please contact me for a concrete price offer.

Be as complete as possible in your request, you will find we can be very flexible (even if you ask for contemporary jazz!)​

Kind regards,

Tom Vanleeuwen
0485 / 68 12 85
Tuinwijklaan 5
9000 GENT

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