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Popular intermezzo's during wedding ceremonies

    • When You’re Smiling
      Always a nice song for the ‘entrance’, good vibrations to start the ceremony. You'll find our recording on this site under 'audio'. During a ceremony we tend to play it a bit slower.

    • I'm In The Mood For Love
      One of our more recent vocal arrangements and very appropriate for a wedding ceremony.
      Listen to this song on our audio-page.

    • La Vie En Rose
      Listen to this song at our audio-page.

    • It Had To Be You
      Nice ballad with four-part voicings.
      Listen to this song at our audio-page.

    • What a Difference a Day Made
      Well-known in the version of Jamie Cullum, also with four-part voicings.

    • I Wanna Be Loved By You
      Nice as an intermezzo, of course with a wink
      (everybody knows the version by Marilyn Monroe)

    • What a Wonderful World
      Nice melody, well-known in the version of Louis Armstrong.

    • A Kiss To Build a Dream On
      Also a Louis Armstrong classic, listening example following this link.

    • Dancing Cheek To Cheek
      Most famous in the version of Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald.

    • I’m Confessin’ That I Love You
      NIce ballad, listen to this song at our audio-page.

    • 'Bout Time
      A less known song by Louis Armstrong, with lyrics that fit very well for a wedding.

    • Stand By Me
      Based on the original version by Ben E. King.

    • I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
      Here in a version by Louis Armstrong.

    • Just The Way You Look Tonight
      Here in a version by Frank Sinatra.

    • L.O.V.E.
      Here in a version by Frank Sinatra.

    • That’s Amore
      Polyphonic song, here in a version by Dean Martin.

    • Yes Sir That’s My Baby
      A nice one to finish the ceremony: a swinging song with very convenient lyrics, perfect to make the bridge to the reception, listen to a version (by another band) by clicking this link.

    • ...

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