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Intermezzo's at ceremonies

More and more often wedding ceremonies take place at the same venue as the party, which can be a traditional ceremony or a liberal service.


Here The Almost Swinging Jazz Band can make your ceremony more personal by playing a couple songs: mood music while everybody is arriving, a festive entrance, a nice ballad as an intermezzo or a swinging song to end the ceremony and start the reception. Special requests are also possible!


you'll find the most popular songs that were requested in 2019!

The Great Gatsbooth (2).jpg
Photo Booth


Still looking for some additional animation at your wedding or event? What about this

Gepersonaliseerde 'Instant fotostrookjes' als bedanking voor de genodigden and/or the possibility of leaving a video message. The perfect icebreaker for each party!


All info on


Click                  for some examples!


("Package price" possible in combination with

The Almost Swinging Jazz Band)

Dance workshop


Especially for theme parties in the style of the Roaring Twenties, Great Gatsby,... Your dance evening could start with a Lindy Hop workshop, in which our dance instructors invite the audience to learn the basic steps of - for example - the Charleston. (The Almost Swinging Jazz Band takes care of the musical accompaniment!). Afterwards the band can play one or multiple sets, after which the dj can take over.


Take a                at our dance instructor...

begin fotocarriere.jpg
Diner Music


After the reception the band can continue playing during the diner. We adapt our repertoire and play even softer. We could even change instruments (guitare instead of banjo and full drums instead of snaredrum), change costumes or add a singer to the band.

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